Positive Impact Rating

Our first innovation and the biggest improvement to all existing maps is, that we don’t define what is good enough to get on our map, but we collect everything and give the positive impact rating systems which helps users to define, what is really worth to show. So we can save time of endless discussions about the content and the user allways finds the most sustainable option, even if there is no perfect one.

The Positive Impact Rating System

Along this system Useres, Organizations and Regional Pilots have the option to rate whatever somebody thinks it is important.

  1. Environment
    1. natural: Does the way of production correspons to the diversity of life?
    2. renewable: Are there closed ressource cycles? Do they save energy and reuse whatever possible?
  2. Social
    1. fair: Das the organization implement the human rights and pays to everybody a salary for a decent living?
    2. human: Does the organization allow and foster to reveal the full potential of everybody? Are emotions appreciated as well as knowledge and strength?
  3. Economy
    1. solidarian: Does the organisation try to build up longliving partnerships to support instead of putting pressure on others.
    2. transparent: Does the organisation allow their employees to utter freely what they think and does the public has acces to all relevant information?
Unsere Positivfaktoren beschreiben sechs Dimensionen, die für eine gute Wirkung auf die Umwelt relevant sind. Zu jedem Positivfaktor können beliebig viele verschiedene Aspekte hinzugefügt, von allen Usern diskutiert und bewertet werden. Die Positivfaktoren geben einen Einblick, welche Aspekte in einer Welt von morgen wichtig sind.

How far does it belong to the future

  1. Visionary (can only be given by regional pilots)
  2. from the dy after tomorrow
  3. from tomorrow
  4. from today (Pins appears only as small dots)
  5. from yesterday (Pin is hidden)
Es gibt kein Punktesystem; Argumente können frei beschrieben werden, mit Quellen versehen und nach folgendem Muster bewertet werden:
Je höher der Anteil positiv bewerteter Aspekte (Positivfaktoren) ist, umso größer wird der Pin auf der Karte und umso weiter oben erscheint er in der Liste der Suchergebnise. Das heißt Nutzer wählen intuitiv immer die nachhaltigste Option.