Regional- and Theme Pilots

Our second innovations is to involve existing lokal initiatives to create lokal maps of change and sustainable consumption. We call them RegPis.

How to map

Mapping is very simple and can be done by any user! Also editing is possible by anybody.

  1. Search your citiy at
  2. Use the search-line to make shure, that your entry does not exist allready.
  3. If you can’t find it, click on “+ Add new entry”
  4. Give in all descriptions and contact data and use tags, which might be relevant to filter for your content.
  5. After saving, your initiative appears on the map.

If there are any problems or error while saving, its probably because

  • you have a space in the mail adress field,
  • you did not add http:// before the webadress or
  • because you used one tag twice

Ideas for Regional Pilots

Lokally you try to get everybody togehter.

  1. Map everything. Send your Feedback to,
  2. Ensure the quality
  3. Welcome all and tell what we do
  4. Help companies to get on track

Subscribe to a certain reagion

login to subscribe to your region and get all changes by mail.

Map of tomorrow for Regional Pilots (#RegPis)

Große Karte öffnen

If you want to add a Regional Pilot pleas add the tag:  “regpis”.

Widget zum Einbetten

The Code to embed everything on your page:

<div style="text-align: center;">
<iframe style="display: inline-block;" src=",7.005&zoom=6.32
" width="100%" height="580">
<a href="" target="_blank">zur karte</a></iframe></div>
<div style="text-align: center;"></div>
<p style="text-align: right;"><a href="">Große Karte öffnen</a></p>

The bold lines are essential for the right view of the map. Here is an explanation of the URL:

  • center=50.7365,10.7336 center of the map
  • zoom=7
  • search=kleider
  • left=hide hide the left bar (hier ein Beispiel)

You can also just show single entries

Businesscard Widget

In some cases you only need the contact, not the map.

<iframe  src="
" width="300px" height="400px">/iframe>

Map Widget

In other situation you need only a map.

<iframe src="
" width="1000px" height="700px"> 
<a href="" target="_blank">zur karte</a></iframe>

Here an example

Theme Pilots

Networks ensure the quality not by a regional focus but a theme-focus.


You can download the Pin of a specifique area and print in on a papermap. We provide you an cvs file and reccomend to use the icons of open Greenmap.

Of course, we also offer to make this map for you. Please just ask.

Mannheim von morgen als Papierkarte mit Icons von Greenmap
Mannheim von morgen als Papierkarte mit Icons von Greenmap

Icons by