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The world is full of explorers, and full of things to be explored: The Map of tomorrow is a plattform to collect all transforming initiatives and sustainable companies.

What is special on this map?

  1. For each entry you can give a Positive Impact Rating and say, if a specific area is rather fit for the future or from the past. The better impact an organization has to the world, the more visibility it gets on the map.
  2. Like on Wikpedia, everybody can edit the map, but Regional Pilots subscribe to their city and maintain the quality. They also print maps and promote them locally.
  3. Theme Pilots subscribe to specific tags to keep the overview on a specific sector or field of transition. They promote the map on conferences.

Check out fb.com/vonmorgen for news.

In 2018 the map itself will become an English version. Please help us funding the work: https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/36213-von-morgen-alles-gute-auf-einer-karte

Check out the map:

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Please contact us

von morgen
Helmut Wolman
Mobil: 0049 1573-4448245

  1. Discover places appearing at their best from an inspiring point of view. Our map invites you to explore forward-thinking projects, companies and upcoming events in your community.
  2. Be a part of this! Find all the information you need to get in touch with projects you want to engage with. Stop by to say Hello!
  3. Let’s create a world for tomorrow.

Together, we want to show and embrace the positive change in our society.

We have a vision, which is shared perfectly in the film “Tomorrow

von morgen supports creativity, sustainability and joint action. We believe in a modern society in which we all can embrace a self-determined, contend and environmental-friendly life. Our goal: a benevolent future.


Time: 19.3.2018

Depending on how we find the right funding, we want to continue our developement as followed

  1. Facelift to make the subscribing and embedding/sharing option much easier
  2. Improvement of the positive Impact ratings, so that there can be a real-time discussion to each entry. (discussion-feature, accounts, different user roles…)
  3. Event-fuction to use the map as a calender
  4. Implement Icons like on open Greenmap, translate tags and build taxonomies
  5. API, Transition-Connect Interface and checking of douple-entries
  6. Connections between dots, city and field-tours. The Map can be used as a tourguide