“The Call” ist ein online-Spiel, welches in der Realität stattfindet. Der brasilianische Gesellschaftsgestalter und Erfinder der Oasis-Games Edgard Gouveia Júnior möchte in den kommenden 4 Jahren 2 Milliarden Menschen über dieses Spiel zusammenbringen, welche ihre Welt nach ihren Träumen verwandeln.

Personally, I see the 21st of December 2012 as a point in time were we individually have the chance to set new values for humanity and for the planet.


I invite you to dream about your planet of dreams and create a painting of it.
All participants afterwards will share their individual dream-painting and we will collect the busteling ideas and values to create a community affirmation/poem, which we will shout to the universe at midnight and share with the movement “Play the Call”.

I imagine an fun, inspiring evening, where everyone can come and bring their own colors, pensil and food and we collectively become creative, sharing the inner goal to set new personal values in order to change our world.

About “Play the Call”:

About one year ago in brasil a beautiful friend of mine got me in touch with an fantastic idea how to change the word in an fast, free and fun way.
“Play the Call” is a global game to heal the planet within four years by engaging 2 billion people. Adolescents from all over the world will be able to enter this online game, to create a profile, find their superpowers and within these solve missions which will be provided online, but be performed in reality. The questions always work on healing our planet. Therefore, the young players for example will be asked to convince their families to have one vegetarian day per week, to go to school by bike instead of using a lift with the car, to plant a thousand trees, to collect rubbish in their neighbourhood with their friends and so on… All profiles of the kids will be connected to the social media and if the players succeed a mission they are required to post their local action online to make it globally viewable. The youth will change the world and everything needs be fast free and fun.

These ideas of the initiator Edgard Gouveior Júnior captured me immediately
and moved me inwardly throughout the entire last year. On December 21. the first version of “Play the Call” will go online and with this evening “dreaming about the world of our dreams” I would like to support this beautiful movement
and share the affirmation/poem we create with them.

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